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Notice Kemper Champion V4.0 [EN]

In the next pages, i will detail step by step how to assembly the Kemper kit. I will try to be clear and specific, if you have some problems, i invite you to ask your question in the comments. I will try to answer quickly and specificly.

-I have tried to take the greatest care in the design of miniatures while maintaining a good compromise between ease, strength and level of detail.

-The models are made of ABS 3D prints, this material is acetone sencitive. That mean it's very easy to paste it with super glue. The pieces can have some littles defauts on skin dur to FDM printing. It's not a problem because the kit will be painted but if you are very exigent, you can sand down with a little file or sandpaper. Be carreful the ABS is senitive to the high temperature 80°C and more (deformations, burns,..)

-I am only a modest individual who offers kits for sale, so I have no means of production very advanced or optimized. The printers that i own are middle range printers for privates; the precision of theese machines are not perfect. Maybe you will have to adjust some holes or some défauts on the pieces. I never send unusable pieces.



Received 986322378563325 20210205123634281

   Content of the kit   

Eclate des pieces 04

> Détailled list of the pieces <

   Necessary material   


  • Cutter
  • Cyano glue (super glue)
  • Flat file
  • Cruciform screwdriver
  • Painting of your choice
  • Small square
  • Cutting plier

   1.Logo glue

P-01 / P-02

001  002

Paste the bottom plate (P-01) perpendicularly to the header rear plate (P-02). The piece must be in support with the 2 cleats, in a 90° angle whit the rear plate.

    2.Logo glue



On the underside of the Kemper, paste the intermediate spike support (P-11) like on the picture.

   3.Logo glue



Glue the drums support block (P-03) on the bottom plate, against the rear plate.

   4.Logo glue

P-04 / P-05


Put the 2 canal sides (P-04 / P-05) on each side of the drums support block.

   5.Logo glue



Paste the header fixing slat (P-06) on the header rear palte's top.

   6.Logo glue

P-13 / P-14 / P-15 / P-16 / P-17

007  008

Build the feeding drums by filling successively a saw (P-13 / P-14), a big feeding stars (P-15), 2 middle feeding stars (P-16) and 2 little feeding stars (P-17). Be carreful to align the big feeding star with the 2 middle stars.

   7.Logo glue

P-07 / P-08 / P-09 / P-10

010  009

Put the flux guide sheet left and right (P-09 / P-10) respectively on the left and right feeding drums housing (P-07 / P-08).

   8.Logo glue


011  012

With the feeding drums built at the 6th step locate the 2 feeding drums housing by aligning the holes and paste its on the header rear plate (the utilisation of an axis to align pieces is highly recommanded). The feeding drums can be removed for now.



013On each side of the header, put the 2 cylinder barrels (P-27) with a part of the 1mm axis.

   10.Logo glue


014Paste the central tip (P-26) on its place.



015  016

Put the feeding drums on theese place and insert the feeding drum's axis (P-18) from above.

   12.Logo glue

P-19 / P-20 / P-21 / P-22 / P-23

017  018

Assembly the little spinning top like this: little spinning top's body left/right (P-19 / P-20), lower little spinning top's star (P-21), middle little spinning top's star (P-22) and upper little spinning top's star (P-23).



019  020

Put the 2 littles spinning tops previously assembled. Be careful to put the right on the right side and the left on the left side.


P-24 / P-25

021  022

Put the central plate (P-18) and insert the littles spinning tops axis (P-25). Don't paste the central plate for now, it will be removed to paint the model.

   15.Logo glue

P-30 / P-31 / P-32 / P-33

023  024

Paste the left lateral unit teeth (P-32) on the left lateral unit frame (P-30) and the right lateral unit teeth (P-33) on the right lateral unit frame (P-31).

   16.Logo glue

P-28 / P-29


Fix the laterals unit hinge plates left (P-28) and right (P-29) respectively on the lateral units left and right.

   17.Logo glue

P-40 / P-41 / P-42 / P-43 / P-45

026  027

Fix the left auger's block (P-42) and the right (P-43) on the header flanks (P-40 / P-41). Paste too the header flank's plates (P-45) on the flank and the block like on the picture.

   18.Logo glue



Insert an external spike (P-44) in each flank and paste it

   19.Logo glue



Paste the assemblied flanks at the 18 th step with the laterals units. Be careful with the mounting direction, see the picture.

   20.Logo glue

P-34 / P-35 / P-37 / P-38 / P-39

030  031

Build the big spinning top like this: left/right big spinning top's body (P-34 / P-35), little spike rings (P-37), middle spike rings (P-38) and big spinning top's hat (P-39). Align the hat's teeth with the middle spike rings.



032  033

Put the big spinning tops left and right respectively on the left lateral unit and right. Attach them with the 2 M3 screws supplied with the kit (A-02). Do not tighten screw to much to allow them to freely turn.


P-46 / P-47


Insert the left big spinning top's housing (P-46) and the right (P-47) like on the picture. Don't paste them, it will be more easy to paint them séparately.




Fold a little part (+/- 15mm) (A-01) with a 90° angle and insert it in each lateral unit hinge plate, it will be later the 2 cylinder rods to fold the Kemper.




Attach the 2 lateral units by putting the cylinder rod in his barrel and but putting a little part of the external units folding axis (A-01) (about 15 mm lenght) in the planned holes to joint laterals units with the central unit. This axis become a hinge.


P-48 / P-49 / A-03

037  038

Identify the left auger (P-48) and the right (P-49) and put them between the auger's block and the external spike on each side of the header. Solidarise them with the 2 laterals auger axis (A-03), no need glue for this step.




On each side, insert a maize guiding bar's elbow support (P-53) in the planned holes on the big spinning top's housing. Don't paste them, the guiding bars will be dismanteled for painting.




Insert the maize guiding bar's straight support  (P-54) on each side in the planned housing. Don't paste them for painting.

   28.Logo glue

P-51 / P-52


Fix the left maize guiding bar (P-51) and the right maize guiding bar (P-52) between the maize guiding bar's supports like on the picture.




Put the maize flapping bar (P-50) in his housing to check if all is ok without glue, this one will be removed for painting.



Pieces en rouge  Pieces en blanc

Dismantle all the subsets and paint them in the right colour.



Pieces peintes remontees

Rebuild the subsets when the painting si dried. This time the central plate can be paste on the drums support block. The maize flapping bar and the maize guiding bars can be definitely put in place.

   32.Logo glue


043  044

Insert the 2 big spinning top's centers (P-36) painted before.


A-04 / A-05

045  046

Put the stickers (A-05 / A-06) on the rear side of the laterals units and on the header flanks. The sticker's adesive can be sometimes not paste a lot, don't hésitate to put a little glue to avoid any peeling off.


A-04 / A-05


Paste the Kemper sticker on the central plate.



Received 986322378563325 20210205123634281The kit is done, you have just to adapt it at the chopper of your choice.



20210225 353  20210225 406

Here is an example showing how i attach the header on my choppers. It allow to me to have a big interchangeability into machines and harvest headers.

Final result

20210220 15255120210220 15261420210220 151131

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