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A place for the Self-Propelled Machinery 

Kemper Champion 4500 [1/32]


The scale model manufacturers are, these last years, intensified their production and today we have a wide range of forage harvester in 1/32 scale. Unfortunately it doesn’t exist the most popular 6 rows header; the Kemper Champion 4500.



I want to make a header that can fit on many forage harvester, to be the most realist it would be a red machine (yellow version is for the John Deere forage harvester).

Because of the complexity of many parts and their redundancy, I will use the resin casting method.

So I made pieces to create silicon casting forms for these parts:

-Big drums -Big drums’s knifes -Little drums
-Lateral helicoil -External divider -Internal divider
-Lateral helicoil driving housing -Feeding drums -Feeding drums driving housing


Unfortunately I didn’t take photo during the building but here is a preview just before painting.

You can see that the hoods are made in styrene. The Kemper is foldable with 2 hydraulic cylinders. They are not in the same position than the real machine but I don’t have any space to put it. However they are essential to maintain the kemper in fold position.


I like the result, the header fits on most of my forage harvester; I’m going to paint it now!

And here is the final result.



It’s good but I’m not enjoying it, the model is coarse and some details is missing. I will restart many parts.

Here is the new version: 54 new pieces cast in resin, the rest will be made in styrene.

20171219 222028


This is the mounted baby, painting remains.

20171130 190104


Final result

And here is the machine in is pretty red dress.

20171219 22252420171219 22245120171219 22235320171219 22243320171219 22240820171219 222329

This time, I’m happy from the result and because most of parts are in resin, I purpose to you to sold them as a kit. Like that, you will be able to build a Kemper too. If you want more information, please go to the page about the kit Kemper Champion 4500.


Thank you to follow this topic, I hope you enjoy this model. Don’t hesitate to leave your comments,  remarks or questions.


See you soon !


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Thank you to follow this topic, I hope you enjoy this model !

Don’t hesitate to leave your comments, remarks or questions.



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Gerdjan Bos
  • 1. Gerdjan Bos | 26/10/2020

Wat kost mij deze Kemper maisbek.

Groeten Gerdjan Bos
  • lolo-4060 | 02/11/2020
Hello, this model is not for sale but you can find the same kemper as a kit here:

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