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John Deere 6650 [1/32]


The John Deere 6650 made by ERTL is desperately short of details.

• The maize header is molded in one piece

• The pipe is absolutely not functional

• Guardrails are missing

• The machine has no direction

• ...

I will try to improve all that!


The first step is to cut the chopper block of the machine to allow the front tool to be raised.

I added some guardrails everywhere needed.

The pipe has been greatly modified, it can now raise or lower and the deflector is functional.

I added mirrors and beacons and installed a steering rear axle.

The wheels have also been changed by Artisan32 low pressure wheels.

She will be equipped with a Siku 8 rows Kemper that I modified a long time ago and she will have a grass pickup from a Britain John Deere 7550i.

Final result


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Thank you to follow this topic, I hope you enjoy this model !

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