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John Deere 4990 [1/32]


Typicaly American, the “windrower” type mowers don’t exist in 1/32 scale. However a lot of big manufacturers have or had some models in their range.

In my stock of pieces , I had a John Deere Cabin from a Siku John Deere 7500, so my mower will be a John Deere  !

The particularity of this machine is his steering system; the rear wheels are mounted on a free rotating point and the direction is obtain by modify the speed of each front wheel. She has too a very large track width to not crush the harvesting. These harvesters can be fit with a rotary cutbar (this is what I chose for my model) or a large cutbar like combines (drapers). In this case, the width can be very impressive (more than 14m).

So, apart the cabin, all will be built mainly in styrene as usual. Because I don’t have the brochure, I had to base me on the web’s photos.

I will make a detachable cutbar, maybe one day I will make a draper.


Here is the machine before painting, unfortunately I don’t have any other photo during the building.


Steering is functional an the rear axle is on a balancer.

Front Wheels come from Artisan 32 and the rear wheels are the Siku’s Krone Big Pack wheels.

Final result


Logo carre complet avec agrifac copie


Thank you to follow this topic, I hope you enjoy this model !

Don’t hesitate to leave your comments, remarks or questions.


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