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Gilles Rb 410t automat [1/32]


I present you the first project that attracted me in the hand build model 1/32 world; the sugarbeet tanker-loader Gilles Rb 410t automat.

I chose to reproduce the Belgian manufacturer’s flagship of the time. Gilles is the leader in sugarbeet 2 phases harvesting. The firm produce a wide range of sugarbeet equipment like toppers, lifters, seeders, harvesters, loaders,..

The machine you can see here is fit with a sugarbeet pickup called “Turbo Clean”. For my model, I prefer to put an other kind of pickup called “Super Tnt”; I think the machine is most beautiful with it.

I only recovered the Siku cabin from a Grimme Sf 170-60, the rest will be as usual made mainly in styrene. The machine’s brochure is poor in information so I had to take mesurements directly on photos that I take in my area (There was a similar machine who worked every year near my village).


I don’t have the construction follow-up but here is the pictures that I taked just before disassembling the machine for painting.

You can see that the hopper rising up and the door can be open.

As usual, the wheels came from Artisan 32, very realistic wheel made in resin.

P1000257  P1000270


The machine’s steering is of course functional, it’s an articulated steering. Here you are the details and you can see the front tool’s pivot point.



Detail view from the rear side, opened door. You can see the impressive 1050 tires and the moving floor’s chains.



Let’s go for the disassembling and painting. Fortunately I like puzzles !

For once, I show you the axles/screws/hydraulic pistons that maintains the machine’s parts. Some of them will be painted too. They are put on a numbered grid to identifify them.


Final result


Logo carre complet avec agrifac copie


Thank you to follow this topic, I hope you enjoy this model !

Don’t hesitate to leave your comments, remarks or questions.


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  • Julen

    1 Julen On 07/04/2020

    Great work friend, I love Gilles machinery. I'm printing with my 3d printer a Gilles AD-49 and Gilles TR-16-T. Could you tell me the RAL of the paint you have used? Thank you very much.

    lolo-4060 On 07/04/2020

    Hi, Thank you for your message, i'm curious to see the result of your models! About the red paint it was the ral 3000 form Motip ;). Good work for your moedels!

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