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Claas Xerion + Lemken Solitair [1/32]


Lemken the well-known brand in the field of tillage had launched, some time ago, a prototype of self-propelled sowing on a base of Terra Gator, Lemken Brilliant. The idea was abandoned in favor of an adaptation of the sowing equipment on the versatile Claas Xerion tractor.

Two versions are available, a version on the Xerion Trac VC and a version for Xerion Saddle Trac.

Appreciating the Trac VC version I decided to start miniaturization. I will also pair the tractor on the 4 wheels for a more massive effect of the whole.

In this illustration the loading auger is not integrated in the hopper. I would realize, when to me, a foldable version integrated in the hopper.



Three basic miniatures are needed: a Xerion 3800 Universal Hobbies, a Solitair Universal Hobbies seeding set and a Lemken Variopack also from UH. The Xerion, already well detailed, should just receive a realistic hitch and a small modification of the front hitch. The Variopack does not need any modification but the seedling handset will be revisited from top to bottom. I also got a rear hitch kit at Pma32 and 4 extra Xerion UH wheels for twinning.

In the absence of a reference document, I have to rely on the few photos available on the internet.

Let’s go:

The rear hitch installed here comes from Pma32, manufacturer of miniature accessories. It was necessary to cut the old Uh hitch to install it. The Lemken’s hopper has been boned and enlarged. I have created a removable base to receive it, so everything will be removable to release the Xerion once completed sowing. The twinning, is started, I removed the center of the 4 additional wheels and adjusted a tube in each one of them coming to tighten in the wheel of the tractor. The twinning is removable!

At the front hitch, it was just necessary to unhook the original mass and drill a little hole for the top link.

The improvement of the power harrow is done, I installed a hitch for the sowing ramp, modified the template plates and made functional drive shafts. The lifting of the power harrow is of course functional and it is foldable.


Unlike the power harrow, which is a standard Zirkon 6m (easy to find info), the sowing ramp is completely specific and I had not found any information on it. So I had to appeal to my creativity and invent the principle of coupling and folding. Here she is not faithful to the reality.

I created a system for folding the sowing ramp and the speed measuring wheel (at the back). With a crutch when you detach it.

You notice that the hoses that connect the distribution heads to the hopper are very rigid; on this scale it is impossible to do otherwise unfortunately, a finer hose would crunch.


A seed hopper at this location is a great load report on the tractor but to load it is less convenient. This version is equipped with a foldable auger allowing filling from the ground. It is seen here in the folded position.

P1030892 1

It remains only to finalize the twinning. Two tests to be well aware and it will finally be the right version that will be retained; more discreet and better proportionate given the scale of the miniature.


For painting, I was lucky enough to find a Tamiya painting exactly like  the Lemken Blue; I did not have to repaint the entire seeder. For the Xerion I made a mixture of several Humbrol references until I obtained the same grey as the Claas grey, so I do not have to repaint the Xerion totally either.

Final result


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Thank you to follow this topic, I hope you enjoy this model !

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