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Claas Jaguar 960 [1/32]


Another popular machine, the Claas Jaguar 900 series has been reproduced in miniature by Siku. Siku, solid models that offers a good foundation for modifications but first of all they are toys.



The Jaguar 960 deserved a good makeover.


I modified the whole chopper unit to make it a little more realistic, added hydraulic cylinders and changed the coupling system for the headers. The pipe has also been revisited, it is fully functional; the "ball" articulation of the miniature has been changed to a more realistic system. The "mushroom" commanding the direction of the toy has been removed.

For painting, all the whites have been repainted as well as the interior of the cabin. New stickers have been affixed.

For the rest, I changed the beacons, added a pipe holder and a rear mirror.

Final results


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