Baniere ploeger copie

A place for the Self-Propelled Machinery 

Beet Equipments

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Ropa Maus 5

Ropa Maus 5 by night.

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Vervaet Beet Eater 625

Vervaet Beet Eater 625

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Gilles Rb 410t Automat

Gilles Rb 410 T Automat sugarbeet loader.

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Kleine Rl 350 V

Kleine Rl 350 V sugarbeet cleaner-loader.

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Holmer Terra Dos T3

Holmer Terra Dos T3

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Agrifac Za 215 Eh [x2]

2 Agrifac Za 215 Eh work in a beet field.

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Kleine Sf 10-2

Kleine Sf 10-2 sugarbeet harvester.

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Grimme Maxtron 620 x2 + Maxtron dumper

Awesome beet harvesting with 2 Grimme Maxtron 620 and an unique Maxtron changed on a dumper.

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Gebo Rl 360 Wr

Gebo Rl 360 Wr sugarbeet cleaner/loader.

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Holmer Terra Dos T3

Holmer Terra Dos T3 sugarbeet harvester, waiting for harvesting.

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Gilles Rb 240t

Gilles Rb 240t sugarbeet tanker loader.

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Ropa Maus 5

Ropa Maus 5 sugarbeet loader.

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Dewulf R6000

Dewulf R6000 sugarbeet loader.

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Holmer Terra Dos T4.40

Holmer Terra Dos T4.40 sugarbeet harvester.

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Ropa Euro Maus 4

Ropa Euro Maus 4 waiting for work.

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Agrifac Hexx Traxx

The big sugarbeet harvester, the Agrifac Hexx Traxx !!

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Agrifac Light Traxx

Agrifac Light Traxx at Holmer Exxact's demo.

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Dewulf R7000

Dewulf R7000 sugarbeet tanker loader

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Ropa Euro Maus 4

Ropa Euro Maus 4 beet cleaning at night.

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Gilles Rb 410t Automat

Gilles Rb 410t automat sugarbeet tanker loader.