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What is E.M.A. ?

I'am Laurent, i'm 32 and i live in Belgium. Since I'm 12 i like agricultural machinery. Year after year, this passion has evolved to the self-propelled harvesters all type.

I had the chance to work in an agricultural firm during long time. Today, i changed my carrer but no my hobby.

Maybe some of people know me under the nickname "lolo-4060". Yes, I m present on the web on some media since many years (Skyrock, Youtube, Gtp,...).

To feed my passion, I take photos and videos of machinery, I collect brochures and i make scale models 1/32.

Espace Machines Agri is a website that i've created to share the photos and the videos that i realise, the scale models I make and my brochures collection.

Why a website?

The tools to create a good website are now better than before and it a good way to share my passion. With my own site, I don't need anybody to show you my work.

What is the goal of this website?

Just share photos and videos that i realise, show you 1/32 scale models i made and share my brochure collection. Maybee purpose some brochures or scale modele to exchange and/or to sell.

Please notice that i speak french, it is possible that it has some misstakes, or bad translates on the english version of EMA, i appologize for this.

I wish you a great visit, don't hesitate to leave me comments, remarks or questions.




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