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Terms and conditions

The content of this site attracting certain lusts including offering items for exchange or sale, I must fix a few simple rules.


  1. For the content of the site:

-The miniatures on this website are not for sale unless stipulated in the section Good deals or kits to mount; no need to make any offer for a miniature that is not offered for sale. Although it is flattering, I reserve the right not to answer it.

-Also the prospectuses visible on E.M.A. in the Brochures section are neither for sale nor for exchange. The documents available for exchange are grouped in the section Exchange / sale of brochures and exclusively in this section.

-The sales of any objects are not auction sales. First come, first served; no need to outbid to try to aquire the object.

-All brochures in the section Exchange / sale of brochures are available for exchange or sale. Prices are not displayed for the simple reason that they can be degressive depending on the number of prospectuses requested. An offer will be sent to you at the time of any request of purchase, free to you to accept it or to refuse it.

-For an exchange, I listen to any serious proposal; you will receive a description of what interests you, free to you to accept or not the continuation of the transaction. FYI it is not uncommon that I propose more than one magazine in exchange for another when I consider that the exchange is at your disadvantage.

-The shipping costs can vary quite strongly depending on the object to send, the destination and depending on the means of shipment. Also, for any request, you will receive the amount of the shipping costs in the price offer.



  1. For the 1/32 kits available on E.M.A.:

-I have tried to take the greatest care in the design of miniatures while maintaining a good compromise between ease, strength and level of detail.

-The kits include the specific parts necessary for the realization of the models. It will be necessary, in some cases, to realize the pieces of simple geometry and the small parts yourself. For these elements, I would provide you with a plan listed. Be aware that there may be some adjustments to the plan depending on your editing (they are indicative).

-The models are made of polyurethane resin, it is a material very suitable for molding but requires a minimum of preparation before bonding and / or painting. It will not be uncommon to have to degrease the parts and / or sand them slightly to obtain a surface suitable for gluing or painting (refer to the good practices of surface preparation before painting).

-I am only a modest individual who offers kits for sale, so I have no means of production very advanced or optimized. The moldings are made with silicone and the casting is done by gravity at atmospheric pressure. Some defects may be encountered (air bubble or slight thickness of material) I ask you to be indulgent, no piece with a big defect will not be sent to you. By cons you are likely to receive one or the other piece with a minor defect, it will be easily correctable either by sanding or with putty (mastic polyesther).


-The parts that I will give you will be deburred to +/- 90%, the finish will be for you according to your degree of requirement.

-For the same reasons of non-industrialization, I can not guarantee constant delivery times. This is not my main professional activity, it remains an activity after day and so I do not have as much time as I wish. The paint is not supplied with kits, you are free to choose them to your liking and according to your means of application (airbrush, spray, brush, ...).

-I try to be as clear as possible in the assembly instructions; also, if you have difficulties, I invite you to ask your question or problem in the comments related to the kit concerned below the presentation sheet. I would try to answer quickly and as clearly as possible.