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Kemper Champion 4500 1/32ème

75,00 (without shipping)



Availability : Available soon


This 1/32 kit will allow you to built a faithfull reproduction of the famous maize header. You will e able to make a yellow and green version for your John Deere or a red and white for all other machine. The folding of the header is functionnal.

                        Content of the kit                       

20191002 235052 In his new version, the kit content the 106 specifics pieces requiered to build the Kemper.

The building is detailled in the assembly guide available here.

The attachment with your chopper would be realize by you according with the chopper you choose.

                       Conversion kit                       

For the older version's kits owner. If you haven't build it yet, i purpose a "conversion pack" with the 46 missing parts for 15,00 € shipping include.

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You have 2 possibilities for the shippment:

- By standard post; bring at your home but more expensive and without tracking.

- By Mondial Relay; cheaper but bring at a relay point you choosed, with tracking number.

  Shipping and packing by post Shipping and packing by Mondial Relay
Belgium            5,00 4,00
Spain 9,00 9,00
France 9,00 5,90
Italy 9,00 12,50
Nederlands 9,00 7,00


If you choose Mondial Relay, you will have to select a relay point by following this Link and tell me when you will order.


By bank transfert, without any additionnal cost.

By Paypal, with some extra cost.

You don't pay anything when you order, an invitation to pay will be sent when the kit will be ready to send.

               How to order ?              

Before any order, i invite you to read the Terms and conditions and the kit's FAQ.



Your feed back interest me !

To ameliore the kit, I invite you to send me your comments and your feedbacks about this kemper in the comments below. I accept any comments, good or bad.


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Comments (3)

  • 1. Alexander | 10/11/2020
Ich habe Interesse an dem Kemper Kit. Ist ein Versand nach Deutschland möglich?
  • 2. Michele | 01/10/2019
hello I am interested in the kit for the kemper champion 4500, how much it costs, how can you buy it, thanks.
  • lolo-4060 | 06/10/2019
Hello, you can fill the order form at this adress : Thank you for interesting about this kit :)

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