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20-12-17 - Kemper 4500 to sell !

This is it, the first kit 1/32 from Espace-Machine-Agri is available. It's the famous maize header from Kemper, the 6 rows Champion 4500!

For more information, click on the Kemper Champion 4500 kit's page.

02-09-17 - Espace Machines Agri is now on Facebook

Espace Machines Agri's page on Facebook is open. Go to the new Facebook page and like its, you will never miss any news !

29-08-17 - Traduction of this web site in progress

Actually i work on an english version of Espace Machines Agri.

25-08-17 - Photos section is in finalisation

The photos section is in finalisation.

17-08-17 - Photos section is in progres

The photo section of E.M.A. is actually in growing. A lot of pictures will appear soon !

09-08-17 - Espace Machine Agri, word in progress!

Espace Machine Agri is in construction !


As all new website, there is many développments to do. The structure is constantly in evolution and new contents will be add.



Thanks for your undertanding during this périod.



31-07-17 - Espace Machine Agri is open !

The new website Espace Machines Agri is open !